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29 February 2012 @ 08:16 pm
Title: That Man
Author: leeteukeunhae (faa)
Main Pairing: HaeHyuk (one-sided love)
Side Pairing: HaeFany
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst/Drama
Warning: Character’s Death
Word Count: 4,228
Summary: That man is me.
Faa's Note: This fic is based from That Man song by HyunBin and Inspired from Indonesian’s movie titled “HEART” and p/s: I didn’t put the lyric in arrange…

(The man is crying. That man is very shy. So he learned how to laugh.)

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xuxuxixuxuxi on March 1st, 2012 04:11 am (UTC)
Reading summary, I’ve just also prepared myself like “uhm, there is Hyuk’s death” or “ok, sad ending, then”, but it can’t help a little when I read all part, I cried :) sensitive I am? And maybe because of my stubbornness or because I’m a hard HaeHyuk shipper, i wonder if Hae has any special feeling to Hyuk, I mean more than best friend or in the way Hyuk falls for him? I’m confused with my own thought, part B, with the death of someone, with the reveal things inside the tree-house…I wonder what Hae’ll think, how he’ll feel…

Suddenly miss “We met again”, but in that fic, although having some sense of grievousness over their love, I still feel satisfied with their recent life, peaceful with their family, and happy with their children…In this one, I just feel sad and sad, and sad :)

I love the way you put the lyrics in your fic, it’s suitable in each situation, and touched, also^^

Love the image of the oak tree. Don’t know why but it reminded me of some scenes of drama I love so much “Autumn in my heart” 

Thanks for this part, Faa. I really want to know what’s in part B
xoxoxo *Muachhh*